Boulders and mini-boulders

High Quality Materials

Not sure what material you need for your landscape or hardscape project? 

Just call us at 610-327-9066 and ask for more details about our products and their applications. 

We provide:
  • Bulk mulch
  • Bulk soil and compost
  • Boulders and mini-boulders
  • Riverstone – available in sizes from ¾” up to 5”
  • Red, white, and blue / gray gravels
  • Beach pebbles

Bulk Mulch

  • Premium colored mulches: our top-quality long-lasting mulches, that are available in brown and black
  • Premium bark mulch: finely shredded, and highest quality natural, non-colored hardwood bark mulch
  • Triple ground hardwood mulch: non-colored, natural, long-lasting mulch
  • Hetrick’s black beauty: finely shredded black colored mulch
  • Hetrick’s blend: double-ground mulch made on our site as part of our yard waste recycling facility. This “green” product has nice brown color and priced competitively
  • Wood chips
  • Playground mulch

Bulk Soil and Compost

  • Screened topsoil
  • Screened and blended topsoil
  • Mushroom soil
Beach pebbles
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